Отзывы о Chernobyl-TOUR

Select the type of the tour to Chernobyl


The group travel for all comers
by the route predefined by itinerary

The travel on the date and route at
your own preferences
One-day trip to the Chernobyl zone and Prypyat-town
Visit the Zone with your own group!

Scheduled tours: several times a month we set dates for the trips for all comers. The trip is conducted on predefined route which is described in Program of the tour. Inspite of the fact that in the beginning of the trip all our tourists don't know each other, all these tours run in a warm friendly atmosphere.

           1-day scheduled tours
          Several-day scheduled tours

Private tours: you can define the day and main purpose of your trip, its duration (1-5 days) and desired objects and locations you would want to see in the Zone.